Story Of Perot Betrayal 2008-2009 Batch

Perot systems has cheated all of 2008-2009 joinees, they recruited us in thousands but remained amoral henceforth. Benign aspirants after completing their graduation were asked to wait for some time as times were hard, we waited and waited but its over now, Perot seems to be least bothered about us, they just kept giving us tentative dates for joining but never held their promise of calling us . This was not expected of such prestigious company, all I've to say is Perot is selfish company.

Now Perot has been acquired by Dell, and our chances are attenuated. All my fellow friends are working in Cognizant, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Texas which have ultimately called the pending recruits, but I'm in middle of nowhere, I've to start all afresh and in days of recession it will be hard to digest our misfortune. But was it .. i think no, working under such selfish management would have been even tougher. On a personal note friends keep working hard, opportunities will knock again, this is life..welcome.

HR managers never tried to call us, write a mail or two and forward it, they have stopped receiving our calls. They kept their options open and narrowed ours. They should have been more responsible, atleast to their profession :

Name of HR managers are :

  1. Awadhesh kumar
  2. Pallav 
  3. Manish
best of luck


  1. HIghly selfish management I have seen ever ..

  2. Lets go for huunger strike infront fo their gate and call the media they will be forced to act. Cmon everybody lets act against them please I am requesting everybody please give your time once only for your career

  3. i can understand the perot systems conditions due to recession, but making students fool is unacceptable, they must have made it clear in the beginning that joining can be cancelled or whatever... but they does is they never said that joinings are cancelled, they always fool the students by delaying the joinings for a few months, leaving students in between of no where, they always told the students that they will be given the joining after 2 months or 3 months, and in such conditions most of the students doesn't look for other options as they thought after 2 months they will be getting their joinings. Perot systems has ruined his own image. such a company should not be allowed in our country.

  4. perot systems cheated us ...first they had given excuse that recession is going on ..and now wwhen all companies are giving joing thay said u all know dell acquired perot systems ...what our fault frnd ...why we will suffer all the time ,why management dnt take a decession...other companies they r giving training in different platform to strong their team ...why don't perot ..
    reason may be only one they know they will not grow ....they are not optimestic abt growth .

  5. god is watching ...and these three bastards along with the whole management team of fucking PS will have to pay for ruining our career..

  6. Aren't you yourselves responsible for your doom, ask yourselves, weren't you complacent, how can you blame management , management is just puppet. You wasted your time, time is what you make of it. i don't think PS made any commitment in written anywhere. Ps are working for themselves and you should also gear up. This is how the world is.

  7. we are not whole world is responsible for this situation ,due to recession we didn't get any opening otherwise we left perot earlier...and when all companies giving joining to freshers ,why perot not ...such a cheap company and hr policy is real bad.....and dell in services sucks man ..hp is far better than dell

  8. dell down by 50% in net profit this quarter ..and rest in services will fucked by perot ..
    both companies true American blood....but what's matter other companies like HP their services partner EDS and EDS bought Mphasis ..they r performing good ...u shuld asked why??
    because their presence is in india ...they have cheap worker ....they have potential management..they utilize their workforce to make company profitable ...perot systems+ dell great fucking combination ..deadly ...dnt beleive them ...

  9. We indians are good in Man power that is why countries abroad are using us. so, why depend them. there are lot of ways to start your own business. do u think that u dont have the knowledge. Definitely we are better than them. the rise of MNC's on indian soil is due to salary hike in which we are not at all resposible. So, Firends trend is changing. Just do not let rely on software companies or MNC's. You have the skill and just look for the right breakthrough and work hard and taste some failure, definitely u will come up and be an example.

  10. well truly speaking ....but it was bit late 4 us 2 start again ...but we keep trying let see what going 2 happen ....and one more thing dell (ha ha ha)...they are also same as perot systems ...the demannd of dell in india is more ..they not looking those opportunities same for the perot systems ..they beleive in high margin...thats why they not performing great in india ..the other mnc like accenture and ibm ...and cognizant (great company) and very optimestic in indian market performing well ...but perot systems .....ha ha ha ...dnt need 2 say anything ...they never understand their managemnt is stubborn..and now it is michael dell hand ..but no changes i seem in near future .both like one married with other and going for honeymoon tension how to expand their bussiness ...

  11. well said friend.This was certainly not what our fate was destined to be,but these AssHoles HR of Perotsystems were an adding pain in the but! I just Pray to god that the way Perot HR has treated us(manish,avdhesh) by ignoring our calls & emails & making us suffer through all this tension in disguise by keeping us uninformed of whats going on.

    They r really a buch of highly unprofessional idiots with no human feeling & one day god will teach them the same lesson!

    Then they will remember their deeds.

  12. Some e-mail addresses, send your concerns here, may our grievances fall to ears of some good one's. , ,,, ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,

  13. stop cry'g...itz jst a fuck'g job..take sum time off 4 urself after 20 yrs of prolonged educatn...njoy n thk if dis is de career u really want 4 urself...sitt'g,drinking coffee,thinking abt if-esle-case-object...whackk....tak ur tim b4 diving in at the wrong spot...miss by an inch 2day and u'll be missed by miles 2morow..

  14. what they want to do exactly.what will they get after ruin our future

  15. Atlest they should generate the courage and say 'No' to us so that a blink of hope can end from our hearts.

  16. @abovee you still have hope we have been waiting since we passed out, its a big period coming close to 2 years friend, also no response from their side clearly expains 'they don't give a damn'. I wish all campuses stop calling these fake companies.

    Even the gatekeeper of Perot systems said "pata nahi ye recruit to kar lete hain par bulate nahi hain, tax rebate le lete hain govt. se isi bahane".

  17. they fuck them self ....revenue decreasing ,they dnt want to add new employe that means they r in fucking position ...all other US comp performing well ..

  18. Perot System a big crap and nothing else.

    Due to them only I was unable to sit in the rest companies campus placement

    Bhagwan kare ross perot ka jaldi bulawa aaye..

  19. I do not know what is wrong with perot system..every company is giving joining to their candidates.

    Now as perot become dellperot, and as Dell is a 58 billion enterprise, it must have brought some projects.

    Wipro, TCS, Infy, techmahindra, mphasis, sonata, almost all (except satyam) companies had given the joining.

    If there is no clause like 2008 joining in Dell - perot deal, then we have to forget about joining.

  20. mujhe is bat ki khundhak nai hai...........k unhone joining nai di............par iss bat ki khundhak jab nai deni thi to pahele kyu nai bataya...........mind game, waiting game kyu khela......

    how could they be so irresponsible.................atleast they could inform us.....they need to answer......atleast hume kuch milega nai.....but we felt as a part of perot......

    kya aap logo ko gussa nai aata..........mana ki maximum log job kar rahe hai......par batao jara...........kya har koi satisfied hai????

    kya malal nai hota...............mujhe ab naukri nai jawab chaiye......aur solid jawab.......

    be confident aur aaage aao................isse ada nuksan nai hoga aur kaun sa hum log hartal aur agitation kar rahe hai..........bas jawab mange joining de rahe ho ki nai???agar haa to kab aur agar NAA to give us in PROFESSIONAL......get something in written.......

    cmon guys.....two days of this mission we only got 3.....let the count go till 30 then we will be giving our contact nos.....for further progression and chain reaction.....lets meet and talk........kuch nai to ek naya tajurba hoga.......

  21. cmon letsgo for hunger strike infront of their gate then they will understand what we can do cmon everybody cntact the persons yo know who are placed in perot Systems and make it quick lets meet them and talk to them looking at their eyes

  22. All this cheats should be just kept behind the bars they have no life to destroying our careers inlogo ko dekhkar hi uspe pathar feknaa chaiye cmon guys lets fight one day give one day for your whole career

  23. wELcOmE 2 dE rEAL wOrlD . . n plZZZZ...gROw uP..

  24. Guys this is really Bad they didn't give us joining & promised in placement drive . .

    This company is hell , after getting passed out from college , I tried hard for job , many companies rejected me , it was really frustrating initially but after some time I got one opportinuty,Due to these bastards I am working with lesser package but its better than sitting idle at home & thinking about sucking DELL .......

    Just try guys work hard u Will get oportinuty , & sure we have to teach some lesson to these bastards
    DELL and PErot both sucksssssssssssssssssss ..


  26. nobody will take us now as its alreaady 1.5 years backlog, omg this is grave situation I'm in, couldn't belive this company cheated us so easily. Why they kept us giving tentative dates when they were not in position to hire us. Is this fair, guys lets meet and give them a lesson. They should be debarred from campus recruitments from all good coleges. Adrenaline starts flowing my body when i hear 'Perot' from someone. I want to bang those bastards HR managers who hired us, they talked of elephant growth, work milieu, ethics ... and this is what they give us in return....shame perot

  27. Sourojit BhattacharyaDecember 17, 2009 at 9:20 PM

    Nothing to worry, Jo hota hain achchhe ke liye hota hain. I have worked there for 1.5 years & now in ICICI as a bank officer. Perot does not offer any development project. The RMG ( Resource Management Group ) will always assure you that they are just about to allocate you in some other project but the truth is they does not have any. As I was in that company I know that everything is fake there.
    The Management is awful here, They change strategies everyday & that certainly spoils employees future. You can forget about promotion or a descent increment as they are all vanished, we were informed officially by mail.
    All the employees are looking to switch or study management. Everybody who did not joined perot is lucky because better opportunity will be there for you.
    Still if you join perot beware of these names in management
    Vijay Pal Singh - manager Perot Academy
    Sumit Savarwal - HR co-ordinator
    Pallavi Mishra - BU HR
    Rachna Mohan - HR
    Bhanu Singh - HR manager
    Hitesh Marwaha - HR manager
    If you are selected in a blacklisted project called Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode ISland ( BCBSRI )
    Beware of ---
    Mriddul Basu - Project Manager
    Seema Mital - Project Direcctor

    These are the worst people possible to make your life hell.

    Look for other job, don't spoil ur career here as the S/W engg with 3 years of experience are getting 3.2 lacs PA & We didn't have any increment. Fuck perot ... it sucks.

  28. Sir thanks a lot for your advice.. we now need to broaden our prospects.. so that our future is secured..

  29. kiss my ass perot,may dell go bankrupt soon...

  30. what a response this blog has got. I salute to the spirit of the owner. u did a great task of brining the sufferes of PS together. Now we are not sticks ... but a bundle. i felt happy to read all the views. it was like speaking my thoughts out from some one elses mouth ;)

    this chain reaction has brought positive results. the ps management has geared up to crush the voices by making a deal .
    Hope everyone is aware about 4 Jan joining prog .

  31. Those who have got the joinings of 4th jan.. what is their plan to join??? I'm Quite confused.. whether to join or not???Any suggestions??

  32. Don't join. PS is an awful company. Don't mess up your carreers by joining that company. Poor people management, culture too is really bad - no proper planning/forecasts, history repeats quiet often at indian operations affecting employees morale, health and their families. Don't know if this could be attributed to present management or to people who had set up that culture and left the company.

  33. Perot in our time was all about show off. After that acquisition by DELL, it has been proved that Perot Systems was running in a loss but still they have shown us a profit. Mr Anurag Jain ( President Asia Pacific ) and Pallab Bandyopadhyay ( HR Head ) always assured us that Perot Systems is doing well.
    Just from the initial phase of recession, Perot had started it's Cost cutting then laying off. Attrition rate was the highest among the all Software CMM Level 5 company ( More than Sathyam ).
    One thing is for sure that Perot Systems has a very poor & Kaamchor Management. They do more show of than do work.
    Main reason was Perot didn't managed to get a single project in India. So the impact on USA was badly reflected in Perot, worse than any company. That same management with very few modification is still there so very low chance to make your career.
    As a former employee my suggestion will be not to join perot. I don't want anyone to face the situation I did. Start to seek for a good job but don't let your fate lie on Perot's Hand.

  34. This CMM Level 5 company is a cheater company ,
    they have called the people of 2008 pass-out after almost 20th months of completing their degree, with a 40% slash of the package. During the campus placement they had offered a package of 2.8 but now they are giving 1.65 ,they are giving only Rs10600 to the engineers who r on the payroll of the company, the bloody cheater .....

  35. Now they have official off-campus for freshers with 1.65lpa, this mother fucking Anurag Jain is somewhat crazy fucking asshole, the bloody cheap management is only looking into immediate gains, this was never before.

    They had attrition rate of over 25% in March can you believe this !!

    They treat freshers like dogs, and give lofty packages to experienced ones to fill the gap. what a stupid company to work, even the attendance system doesn't work here.. lol

  36. I joined this company 6 months back. from day1 they have been telling that we will get a good salary, but nothing as such has happened, its even a waste of time to think of that,.. They make you work 12 hrs a day and pay 10500 pm. this company is the worst one. its better to look for some other job but they have again screwed our future by making us sign a bond of two years..
    the culture is horrible, management is worst.

  37. I worked for these people.,Orginally this company was Vision Health Source.. You guys are right.. ultimate selfish management..

  38. fucking dell....fucking management... fucking team leaders who harass employees including gals which is being dumped by management.. asshole m***r f88888kers.. especially jude...

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